With ten years of experience copyediting and proofreading, and six years of experience formatting books for various self-publishing services, I know how complicated and confusing the self-publishing process can be.

I offer three services to help you realize your self-publishing goals: copyediting, proofreading, and formatting. Each of these services occurs toward the end of the publishing timeline; once your book has been run through beta readers, self-editing, a developmental editor, and a line editor, and it is almost ready to be published, that’s where I come in.

Formatting in particular presents a unique set of challenges for authors. Each self-publishing service has its own requirements for specific trim sizes (including margins and bleed lines), and creating a properly formatted reflowable eBook (text that adjusts based on screen size) can be notoriously difficult. I have worked on novels, poetry collections, memoirs, and children’s books, and am here to help!

A detailed breakdown of what each service entails is below:


  • Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
  • Ensures consistency in spelling, capitalization, tense, and hyphenation
  • Tracks internal consistency (ensuring that Character A has blonde hair on both page 10 and page 245)
  • Completes light fact-checking of any dates or events mentioned (applicable primarily to non-fiction and historical)
  • Draws attention to any repetitive words/phrases


  • Meticulously corrects the final draft just before layout
  • Ensures the manuscript is free from any typographical errors (typos), including any spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors that were missed during the copyedit
  • Fixes tiny details like the proper use of em dashes, en dashes, and hyphens
  • Catches any other details missed during the copyediting process


  • Formats book for publication (setting trim size, margin size, bleed lines)
  • Styles chapter starts and ornamental paragraph breaks
  • Sets font typeface, size, and line spacing
  • Adjusts to remove widows and orphans or maintains squared-off pages (per author’s preference)
  • Fixes tiny details that improve readability (paragraph alignment and hyphenation, “smart” quotation marks, etc.)
  • Ensures the formatted manuscript is free from any formatting inconsistencies

You can find examples of my typesetting work on my Portfolio page.

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Each project is unique and may require different services, so I encourage you to contact me for a quote!

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