Design Portfolio

I work closely with authors to fully realize the vision for the interior of their books. Each project is unique, so every layout is custom-made and not plugged into a template, and authors are always involved at every step of the formatting process.


The Mage Scrolls: Gift of Healer by Marcia Welsh

He’ll shoot the Healer first. A-13 is his official designation. As part of a highly skilled unit of government assassins called the A-Class, he’s their best. Handsome, morally gray, and born of the highest caste, he has a job to do: Execute the Carriers. The Gifted Ones, as they call themselves. Those who hold special powers: Healer, Mage, or Seeker. One silver bullet through the heart turns them to Ash. The A-Class uncover the Carriers through Recruitment—a vicious, two-year military service that every young adult must enter.

Aelle enters the Recruitment as a powerful Healer just coming into her craft. She knows that one day, A-13’s rifle will be aimed at her heart. Will it hurt when the silver bullet burns her to Ash? Will her friends be okay after she is gone? Joleigha, a capable and beautiful Mage, has fallen hopelessly in love with A-13. Zeta, fierce and determined, has put A-13 on her personal Kill List. These women form an unbreakable friendship bond with one goal: To survive. However, no Carrier gets out of the Recruitment alive.

The Best Gifts Are from the Universe: A Children’s Story about Manifesting by Kristina Monsanto

A little girl wishing for a friend asks the Universe for help and gets a happy surprise.

Gus Gets a Human by Payden Hall

A little dog with a long tongue dreams of being adopted.

Whispering Mementos: the stories around us, the poems inside us by Angelica Salvador Chiuteña

Sometimes, we go to beautiful places, meet beautiful people, experience beautiful adventures, then create a beautiful world. Whispering Mementos is the memory box, the souvenir shelf, the ragged suitcase, where the author keeps her cherished memories and lessons learned. Divided into five chapters, the readers will travel with the author in reminiscing their own stories of romantic love, nature, loss, self-love, and social awareness. With this collection of mementos, the author hopes to remind the readers that as much as we feel like a mere audience to this big world; we are all made up of beautiful stories and poetry worth writing about.

** I also edited this work.

Pepe Penguin and the Search for a Perch by Deena Feldherr

Have you ever heard of a penguin who hated the cold? Meet Pepe, a penguin determined to make a new life in a warmer climate. Will he make friends? Will he be happy? Will he be accepted? Follow Pepe’s journey to find out if a penguin really can be happy somewhere other than on an iceberg.

Being Double by Helen Coutant and Marian Plaut

Raised by a father who shies away from conflict and an iron-willed mother who is undemonstrative and aloof, identical twins Helen and Marian Webb explore the advantages and disadvantages of being double in a dysfunctional family. With an older sister who displays signs of mental illness at an early age and acts out—sometimes violently—against them, the twins find safety with an older brother. They are forced to weather the challenges of puberty, the fears generated by both the polio epidemic and the Cold War, and the instability of their home life as a united front.

** I also edited this work.

The Teaching of Disdain: An Examination of Christology and New Testament Attitudes Toward Jews by Walter Ziffer

Anti-Semitism is nineteen centuries old. Millions of Jews have suffered and died because of it. In this accessible scholarly work the author traces Christian anti-Semitism to certain anti-Jewish texts in the Gospels of the New Testament.By presenting selected Gospel passages for easy reference and by commenting on them, the author exposes and elucidates their anti-Jewishness. Jesus’ death, a crucial concern in Christian-Jewish relations, is shown to have been the sole responsibility of the Romans and not the Jews as the Gospels suggest. Extra-biblical materials help shed additional light on this and other divisive issues. The Introduction offers a comprehensive explanation of the reasons underlying the development of Christian anti-Semitism.The author hopes that this work, when studied by Christians and Jews, clergy and laity alike, will bring about a better understanding between the two groups.

Religious Wars by Bradley Hall

Ren Claude is just a normal college student who is trying to have a regular life and become a doctor just like his parents. When one mistake costs him his life, Ren wakes up in hell, even though he was supposed to go to heaven. An angel sent him to hell and nobody knows why. So Ren dedicates himself to finding the angel, getting answers, and killing the angel for revenge.

** I also edited this work.

Travelling Granny by Shauna McGregor

Travelling Granny will take you around the world with her. Enjoy hearing where she has been and guessing what country she has visited. A fun story to read with your children and enjoy colouring the pictures in the back.