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Adobe InDesign.

For print books, it will be a PDF. For ebooks, it will be an EPUB file.

Yes, I can format images, either on dedicated photo pages or integrated in the text.

No, I do not.

Most of the fonts I use are Adobe fonts, but if there is a specific font you want to use that is not freely available for commercial use, I can purchase a license for it, adding the price of the license to the total cost of your project.

The decorative elements are ornamental fonts designed specifically for that purpose.

When copyediting, I do light fact-checking—ensuring names of public/historical figures are spelled correctly, any dates of historical events are correct, etc.

Although these services often go together, there’s no expectation that clients will need or want all three. If your book has already been copyedited and proofread, that’s fantastic! I’ll simply do the layout for you.