“I am so pleased with how the book turned out. So professional and perfect.”

– Marcia Welsh, author of The Mage Scrolls Series

“I can heartedly recommend Zoe Howard. It was a great relief to me having her expertise leading me from my previously published book, in 1990, to a more up-to-date text and cover, with improved changes she advised. She is a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable in print requirements, and her relationship with Amazon, where my book is listed, is solid and assured.”

– Walter Ziffer, author of Teachings of Disdain, Holocaust survivor, Biblical Studies and Theology scholar, and public speaker

“Zoe Howard helped me turn the childhood memories of my husband into a beautiful, professional looking book. She edited and organized the manuscript skillfully, oversaw the cover design and sorted out the disclaimer. We are eternally grateful to her for creating this book which we can pass down to descendants to memorialize my family’s past. We could not have done this without her.”

– Helen Coutant, poet and co-author of Being Double, The Gift, and First Snow

“Zoe copyedited, formatted and arranged the text and photos for my book. While respectful of my opinions, she also suggested possibilities that had not occurred to me. She added art to the format to make the book aesthetically pleasing. Zoe was easy and a joy to work with. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Because of her efforts, the book was so much more than I had expected. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to publish their own book.”

– Marian Plaut, co-author of Being Double